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Master Acting

A course best suited for individuals who wish to further their own acting career, or simply for those who have the passion for acting but can't seem to find time to practice on their own. Scheduled on weekends, join the Acting Mastery Course at ROHA today!

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Dance Mastery

As the best dance academy in Patna, ROHA aims to not only perfect your dancing skills and refine your technique but also give you an understanding of different aspects of the art like Choreography, Movement and more. Enrol in our Dancing courses today!

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Singing Mastery

Feel you have what it takes to make it onto the big stage and win hearts with your voice? Well, then you are in luck. Join the exclusive Singing Mastery course at the best music academy in Patna, Royal Opera House Academy Patna today.

Reality Shows

Do you feel you have what it takes to be a reality TV star? Come over to the bets singing academy in patna and train under industry experts and learn the basics of live performances and more. Join ROHA Patna today to know more.


Words are not the only thing which makes up a good song, the music in its entirety should be pitch-perfect for a song to be considered great. Master the different techniques and train under Industry experts at ROHA.

Yoga and Meditation

Life gives lemons to us all. Be always on the ready to tackle life’s obstacles and stay ahead of the crowd. Enrol in the Meditation and Yoga courses at ROHA and stay rejuvenated throughout the day, every day with a smile on your face.

Beauty and Makeup

Join the expert Makeup mastery course at Royal Opera House Academy, Patna and learn different aspects of grooming such as Corrective, Blending and Professional Makeup under the careful guidance of industry experts.


Do you find yourself wanting to be fitter but don't seem to have the time to work on it? Join Zumba classes exclusive for women at ROHA and live your dream of staying fit and healthy all the while having equal amounts of fun.

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