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Professional Training

Get trained under professional actors and dancers at the best performing arts academy in Patna, Royal Opera House Academy.

Mentor Sessions

Mentors from all over the Industry visit ROHA to counsel our students on the various challenges they will face in the Acting Industry.

Guaranteed Auditions

For selected talented students, ROHA, the best acting academy in Patna guarantees auditions at the end of the course.

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Professional Portfolios

Get clicked by Professional Photographer Luv Israni, who has clicked hundreds of celebrities only at the ROHA Patna.

Industry Experts

Industry experts and leading actors are called upon to ROHA, the best acting academy in Patna to give lectures on various topics

Bollywood A-Listers

Bollywood A-Listers visit their dear friend, Neha Marda’s Academy to help guide her students so as to reach their max potential.

The Royal Way

  • Analyze
  • Learning Period
  • Practice & Auditions
  • Create Careers

At the Royal Opera House Academy, we analyze the individual qualities of a student to help better understand them. Only when we do so can we help provide a better learning experience for our Students. As the best Performing Arts Academy in Patna, we make sure to hold up to our name and come up with fantastic results for our students. With Neha Marda as an Acting Guru and Mentors to provide additional help, ROHA is the best acting class in Patna.

Students are invited to master and perfect their chosen craft at the Royal Opera House Academy through rigorous and advanced training programs. At ROHA, acting and dance enthusiasts train under Neha Marda, of Balika Vadhu. Already having established her acting career, Neha now focuses all her energy on creating more such Neha’s from Patna. Join the best acting class in Patna, Royal Opera House Academy Patna today

Our Mentors make sure the students keep practising and learning their craft in order to nail their auditions. Auditions are for select talented students that show the grit and determination to excel in the Entertainment sector. Our Guru Neha Marda along with other mentors help create and design a course curriculum which prepares our students for the activities that lie ahead. With ROHA, build your career at the best acting class in Patna

With Neha Marda, of Balika Vadhu Fame along with our Mentors such as Smita Bansal and more, train your hearts out and learn the sacred craft of Entertainment. Help bring out the inner-entertainer in you and join the Royal Opera House Academy, the best acting class in Patna to build a successful Acting career. Apart from Acting and Dance, ROHA offers exclusive opportunities to showcase your talent on Reality TV Shows and more only with Neha Marda.

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What Neha has to say

Even before starting out with my acting career, I always had a dream of doing something for the Arts. Naturally, an Academy which celebrates the rich Indian culture and tradition seemed like a natural step forward. And so my love for dramatics, the chorus of ghunghroos, the rhythm of a well-tuned Tabla turned into a vision to create Bihar's first state-of-the-art Cultural Academy.. Being a part of the Acting industry wasn't part of my grand plan, which then mostly included daydreaming about my very own academy. Even at the tender of age of 3, I had the sense to continue with my Bharatnatyam classes that my loving Mother had enrolled me in.

Through grit, determination and after religiously following my instructors for years to come, I made it onto the Big Stage, with my first TV performance on Boogie Woogie. It was there where a Director spotted the potential in me and called me up to be a part of the Industry. Sounds like something straight out of a fairytale right? Well, it wasn't.

When I got married in Patna, the love I received from the locals was overwhelming. Since Patna and its lovely people had been so welcoming and exceedingly warm with me, I immediately decided, I had to give back! As a trained professional in more crafts than one can care to count, I see a plethora of potential and the will to succeed in my city.

With ROHA, I aim to provide such tremendous talent with the perfect stepping stone to launch themselves onto the big screen. For anyone who has the talent and the determination to make it to the top, Royal Opera House Academy Patna welcomes you with open arms.

I came into my own in the industry, with my Dance training making it easy for me to master the facial expressions that otherwise would have proved tough to do. However, as it turned out, Staying in the industry is far more difficult than entering it. Due to my lack of any formal training in acting and my connections in the industry, or lack thereof, the pressures of the Industry became too much for me to handle. I reached my tipping point several times, and only my will to survive and persevere being my saving grace. It was not long after that I became a laughing stock amongst my co-actors for my inexperience with different camera angles and my poor diction. It was one of those difficult days when I realized technical knowledge is as important as one's passion and determination to succeed..

I fervently hope that with my name and connections in the industry and with your talent and grit, we can change the world. Bihar is such a unique amalgamation of culture, intellect, and talent, and I as a citizen of this great state would like to do all I can to showcase it. No more will Biharis be looked down upon, and no more would we be ashamed to call ourselves one. Let the world know what BIHAR is capable of, together with ROHA Patna.

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Customer Says

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Performing Arts Academy, Acting, Singing, Dance, Yoga, Beauty & Makeup training in Patna. Under One roof you are getting all facilities. ROHA Patna is a leading music institute in Patna, teaching both Western Classical and Indian Music. Our top music academy in Patna boasts of having some of the world-class faculty staffs, who dedicated their lives to music culture and teaching.

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