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Best Music Academy in Patna

If you are one of the entire lots who always stay glued to the idiot box watching music reality shows or any program, and wishes that you could be the one performing on stage, you can definitely achieve your dream by working towards it. The best music careers are available without all the anxiety and frustration of striving for just being a well-known figure. There are many schools and music institutes that offer youngsters a chance to learn more about music. Royal Opera House Academy, ROHA Patna is one of the top music academy in Patna among all others with the mission to allow young people to develop through music across all boundaries. All our teachers are fully qualified on their chosen instruments and hold an improved revelation. Our lessons take place in a fully prepared, professional music academy. For our students, we only use the top instruments available. Some children have an inborn talent and they have the power quickly grab the method on how to play a musical instrument. It also lays the foundation to set up a successful career in music for them and thus, is the best music academy in Patna.

ROHA Patna

ROHA Patna, a top music academy in Patna has been training Piano, Western Classical Violin, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Indian Music, Drums, and other music classes since 2018.With the state-of-the-art amenities in our top music academy in Patna. ROHA Patna top music academy in Patna proudly offers western music classes, also highly praised in the top music industry as one of the top music academies in Patna. In Patna, it is rare to find the top music academy in Patna but when ROHA Patna has come people have the scope to fulfil not only their dreams but also their parent’s dream. ROHA Patna family currently trains more than three hundred and fifty students. Our team of experienced and dedicated teachers and officials take maximum care and responsibility to provide to the specific requirements of each student. ROHA Patna is rated as one of the top music in Patna. Whatever you’re musical taste, ROHA Patna has the musical qualifications for you. Every year ROHA Patna supports the music education of hundreds of students with assessments across a wide spectrum including popular, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, and classical music. ROHA Patna in association with International Examination Boards’ graded examinations and diplomas span performing, teaching, the theory of music and composing.

Why the Royal Opera House Academy, ROHA Patna is so famous

ROHA Patna is a leading music institute in Patna, teaching both Western Classical and Indian Music. Our top music academy in Patna boasts of having some of the world-class faculty staffs, who dedicated their lives to music culture and teaching. Some of them had even won the award for best music teacher from eminent universities abroad. ROHA Patna is the first of its kind and perhaps the only music institute in Patna that excels in teaching both Indian and Western genres of music. It is regarded in the music industry as one of the top music academies in Patna. ROHA Patna is connected with reputed International Examination Boards. Royal Opera House Academy in Patna is also associated with the living legend who is known as the father of music. Today, ROHA Patna has become a single top aim for anything related to art and music and known as one of the top music academies in Patna. ROHA Patna is ranking one of the best music academies in Patna among all other.

Royal Opera House Academy Founder and Aim

Neha Marda is an Indian television actress, popularly known as 'Urmi' for her role in the Doli Armaano Ki series broadcast by Zee TV. She also played the role of Gehna in Colors TV's show Balika Vadhu. She is the founder of the top music academy in Patna i.e. ROHA Patna. Her aim is to get a good musician from her city Patna by helping them out to fulfil their dreams. ROHA Patna is only one of the top music academy in Patna till date. She is very much involved in this academy and she interacts with every student personally.

Modern Music

ROHA Patna teaches modern music is designed for the present generation to develop music sense in less time and easy to learn. Modern Music Pro Course is five grades course because its covering all parts of music lessons required for the present generation like finger exercise or finger drills, music notations reading and writing (Indian – Modern – Western), scales, chords, formation, beats science, formulas, theory of music, theory of rhythm, transpose etc. Tunes and songs like a poem, patriotic songs, regional songs, bhajans, film music, Indian classical, western music. In one academy all these things are not possible but ROHA Patna have done it and it is the best music academy in Patna.

Bollywood Vocals

Learn vocal methods such as proper breathing and projections, effective practice methods, and the use of alankars and sargams in singing. At the end of the course, you will record one of your favourite Bollywood songs in our own state-of-the-art sound studio. You can also invite your friends and relatives to watch you perform live on stage.

Best Music Academy in Patna

ROHA Patna is one of the best music academy in Patna because hundreds of students have taken music exams with us and obtained high marks across. Many of our students have also gone on to study music at universities and play in bands. Best music academy in Patna as Our lessons takes place in a fully equipped, professional music school. For our students, we only use the unique instruments available.